Step By Step



1. Get in Contact:
Ring, email or visit our showrooms today and talk to one of our designers to get started on your kitchen, bedroom or fitted furniture project.

2. The Details:
Let us know what you are looking for, whether its the room layout, unit finish or anything else in between. Not sure where to start? Our designers are on stand-by to help you every step of the way to achieve your goal.

3. The First Draft:
Using all of the details provided we can create a three dimensional representation of your future kitchen using our state of the art drawing systems.

4. The Consultation:
A one on one consultation will be arranged to go through the proposed plans in detail with a member of our design team. You can tell us what you like or what you don’t like and we can make changes to the plans to suit you.




5. The Final Measurements:
Once the design is finalized a member of our production team will call out to take on-site measurements and answer any questions.

6. The Production Process:
Your plans will then be passed onto our production team to begin manufacturing. Manufacturing times normally range between 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the chosen finish and room size.

7. The Installation:
As soon as your furniture is complete we will arrange a time and date to suit you for fitting.

8. Your Feedback:
Here at JD Kitchens & Interiors we constantly strive to improve our process at every step. Your feedback is critical for our improvement so we ask that you to let us know how we did and if there is anything we could do better in the future.